This section contains a short summary of the projects we have been involved in since 1995. Each project title carries a synopsis. Some of these projects additionally gave rise to publications or research information.

Projects are organised by category. Please feel free to browse.

Evaluation of a domestic FBE in South Africa (2)
Established process to validate site audit customer records for pilot and control sites in sample. Managed quality of data returned by site audit process.
Collated 9000 customer records with geoposition, meter details, contact information and tamper status.

Collated and reported consumer sales and free issue data returns into Eskom sales database for each of the FBE pilot and control sites.

Uploaded all sales and free issues data (from Eskom sales database) , filtered, analysed and modelled technical response to FBE, per consumption class. Compared sales to logged data for same customers on NRS 034 database.

Applied model from phase 1 of project to evaluate Eskom consumer response to various forms of FBE tariff with associated penetration/implementation levels. Also modelled impact on network loading, and upgrade requirements.