The company was formed by Marcus Dekenah after leaving the CSIR in 1995, and the aim was to focus on doing excellent research, without corporate overhead. Growth since this time has been steady.

Projects are carried out in a team-based environment, with specialists correlating effort to provide quality results. Specialists are well qualified and/or have international exposure.

Whilst research does not necessarily solve a client's problem, it does deliver options. We apply core research skills to research problems, and deliver information on the options for our clients.

Core skills (data -> information):
  • Load research project management
  • Management of large load research databases
  • Integration of large data sets
  • Capture, validation (quality control), filtering, analysis and modelling of load profiles, electricity sales, sociodemographic and spatial data
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Sample design
  • Spatial representation of data, interpretation against national spatial data sets
  • Dissemination of research results
  • Data-access training

    These core skills are built on terabyte database storage capacity, commercial software tools and in-house utilities.

    Typical outputs (information):
  • Consumer Load profile models
  • DSM impact modelling
  • Consumer demand models
  • Consumption models
  • Electricity price impact modelling
  • Appliance penetration load-impact modelling
  • Consumer classification systems
  • Input into NRS National standards
  • Domestic consumer demand estimator software
  • Load research sample designs (Large power user, Agricultural user, Domestic consumer).

  • Eskom (Electricity Pricing Policy, Consulting, Research & Development, Integrated Strategic Electricity Planning (ISEP), Distribution Technology)
  • Polytech of Namibia
  • University of Cape Town: Energy Research Centre (ERC/EDRC)
  • Gibb Africa
  • SABS National Electrical Test Facility
  • CSIR